HADMUT BITTIGER is an artist who dedicates her work to the facets of human relations in our big cities of today. She is inspired by the diversity and dynamics of Berlin where she lives and works. Since studying design at the universities of Reutlingen, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland, she has pursued an international career in Belgium, Canada, the United States, France and Germany.

Although her choice of art forms has varied over the years Hadmut Bittiger has most recently expressed her work through audiovisual installations, that let the audience Re-live interviews with often marginalised and forgotten groups right next door in her neighbourhood. In her installations, she deconstructs the interviews and replays them as fragments on tiny loudspeakers. Hadmut Bittiger aims to give a voice to those directly affected by political debates that are often about them but not with them. Her recent work has focused on refugees and the integration of immigrants, demystifying the heated debate currently underway in Germany, but also on cultural diversity and inter-religious dialogue in her community.

Hadmut Bittiger’s work aims to be interactive. The viewers themselves set off the small loudspeakers, thereby becoming the ‘conductors’ of an orchestra of sometimes highly controversial or surprising statements.

Her work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Basel and Gijrokaster, Albania.