International Project Pro Helvetia

INSTALLATION, Gjirokastër, Albania

»All is in flux, all is in movement«

I used the roomin the state I found it at the beginning. There are rubble and dust everywhere; the four glass-less window-openings give an impressive view of the mountains of rubble, of the stonewalls and stoneroofs and of the well-kept townhall. I work with transparent cellophane-bags nailed to the wall. They go, beginning at the bottom, in a wide strip, to the ceiling and from there to the opposite wall: a way flowing like water! On the same wall there are two tiny pictures made out of local newspapers, acrylic, folios and postcards. They show a woman and a man in costumes — a symbol of the old traditions of Albania.

hb-albanien installation, cellophane, papier-mâché, artificial resin founding, postcards